Moments in Time

The Project

Photographic reportage about the epic journey of two nomadic sheep shepherd in North Italy.


Three months - from the Orobie Alps to Varese Lake


Orobie Bergamasche - Bergamo - Milan - Varese Lake


Roberto Morandi (shepherd)
Eddy Trentin (shepherd)

Birba, Fero, Matteo, Moro, Laica, Vento (shepherd's dogs)

Moments in Time

a sheep shepherd tale



In august 2019 I’ve joined two nomadic sheep shepherd in North Italy with the goal of spending few days documenting their life.

But just after spending these few days with them, I’ve realized that I was just scratching the surface. 

All the feelings, the looks, the sounds, the thin fresh air, the perfumes, the knowledge… all this was flooding my mind like a storming river.
So I couldn’t but keep going. 

A few days suddenly became months. 

It was massive.

At this point, driven by a crave for adventures instead of just being a ‘distant observer‘, I’ve blended in by learning to work with them. 

I’ve been sleeping, eating, drinking, laughing, catching ewes, feeding and leading the flock with them, at the point that an old lady, looking at me handling the lambs (with a branch on one hand and the camera on the other) on a road while moving the whole flock to another town, she called me ‘the shepherd with a camera‘.

But was one thing the shepherd said that actually made me change my mind. Something he said at the very beginning of our journey, something that I understood only a week later.

When I arrived he was uphill, standing alone on a steep rock facing the whole valley. He looked down at me, and with a smile that would have cracked Void’s darkness in thousand pieces, he told me “this is life“.

In that very moments he wasn’t there, anymore.

With his arm wide open he was hugging the whole valley: every river, every atom of oxygen, every sheep, dog and living creature, every rock, plant, cloud or tree. He was hugging Life itself.

He was everywhere.

He was everything.

So much beauty it couldn’t all fit into a single human heart.

That’s the moment I’ve realized that we are not defined by the things we own, but by the experience we do.


We are Moments in Time.