Hello, I am Mauro Scattolini, a reportage photographer from Italy.
Before being a photographer I worked as a chef and studied
psychology at the University of Padova (Italy).
In 2017 I started to work in the commercial photography field in Italy and in 2018 I moved in Montreal, Canada. After one year I started to feel the urge of a change, to perceive that something was missing. Photography was the path to follow, but not within the four walls of my studio.
In 2019 I decided to join two transhumance sheep shepherd in the north of Italy, discovering throughout their journey across rocky mountains, ridges, slopes and green plains, not just how tough their life is and how passionate they are about what they do, but a purpose for my photography: being a storyteller.

That is when I understood that photography to me is the tool to tell the untold and bring closer the farthest.
Since than I worked on three main project: a reportage about the life of transhumance sheep shepherd (WOOL), documenting the outbreak of COVID19 in Bergamo (BLACK HEART) and a reportage about living in the refugee camp of Samos (still ongoing).
1st place at Integrazione Film Festival photo contest
2nd place EffeUnoFest 2020
2nd place at Inner Outlook photo-contest (Boom Image Studio)
Special Mention at Energia Per Ripartire photo-contest 2020
Honorable Mention at Monochrome Awards (Photojournalism)

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